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Carelia Spruce

The same tree species do not grow equally in all parts of the world.

Wood fibres have specific internal characteristics which vary according to climate and habitat. There is also great tree-to-tree variation. When selecting wood raw material, SafeWood staff take such variation into consideration.

SafeWood uses only the Nordic, slow-grown, mature spruce in production. This means close-grained logs with small and live knots. Not only the internal properties, but also the external features of this top-quality Carelia spruce greatly differ from spruce growing in other climatic regions. This is why SafeWood glue-laminated timber is ideal for uses where strength and aesthetic qualities need to be combined to provide structural and architectural benefits.

SafeWood’s modern, extremely stringent quality-control technology is based on electronic measurement equipment guaranteeing even quality in production. The choice of material, the company’s own energy solutions with minimal environmental impacts, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and its highly-trained personnel, are all further guarantees of high-quality products for SafeWood clients.