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Wood Products and services

In the production of glue-laminated products, SafeWood has combined the experience of Finnish forestry with state-of-the art production technology. SafeWood products are aesthetic, beautiful and carefully finished.

SafeWood's glue-laminated products are architecturally tempting as a future building material. Our glue-laminated products are suitable for places where expansive and long spans are needed. For example roof and wall-structures. Glue laminated products are easy to work, advantageous and their durability in relation to weight is superior. In addition, gluelam is a fire-safe building material. Glue-laminated structure does not bend because of heat and long-bearing capasity lasts a long time, charring depth is 36 mm after one-hour normal-fire.

Besides glue-laminated products, SafeWood produces drying-services and supplies all kinds of sawmill industry furthes processed products.